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About Health Plans for Employers

Health Plan Quality
NCQA Accreditation is the "gold standard" in evaluating health plans. 

Health Plan Efficiency
Analyze value using tools that consider two things at once: the quality that plans deliver, and the resources they use to deliver those results.

Report Card & Rankings
Use our report cards and rankings to locate the health plan that's right for you and your organization.  

About Other Delivery Systems

Private Health Exchanges
Private health exchanges are growing. Learn how employers can build quality into private health exchanges.

Wellness & Health Promotion
Learn which wellness programs meet the nation's highest standards for value and quality.

Disease Management
Find a disease management vendor that is efficient, has high customer satisfaction and delivers better health outcomes.

Finding Good Primary Care
Quality care begins at "home": the Patient-Centered Medical Home. NCQA has the most popular medical home program in the country.